Do you feel like you’re just not good at relationships?

πŸ’”Ever feel like you and your partner are just speaking a different language? Are you struggling to find love again? Or maybe you’re just attracting all the wrong people?

You’re used to being a workaholic to avoid complications, but, truthfully, you want someone to spend your life with.

When you’re committed, you’re all in, whether it’s with work or with relationships, but you’re your own worst critic. So you stop yourself before you even start because you’ve had a few bad hits. You’re able to fix everyone else’s problems (easy, peasy), but when it comes to your own relationships you constantly feel like you’re not understood and not valued...until you’re gone.

And you’re scared to put yourself out there again. πŸ™€

You feel it’s difficult to meet people at your age will not totally interfere with your independence. But you don’t really believe you can manifest the perfect partner out of thin air without the hard work? 

I’m Kimberly Spencer and I believe that you can have it all, the body, the business, the babies, AND the relationship of your dreams.  

I went from loving the bad boys (like drug dealing felon kind of bad), to finding the love of my life (☝🏼#thatguy), without sacrificing my freedom or independence. - it’s possible for you too! Growing up with an addict for a dad, I created a pretty bad story about what relationships looked like. And communication...what was that? I had no idea how to deal with negative emotions when they came up in a relationship, so, instead, I would isolate myself in my work to avoid complications.

Unfortunately, it took being in a physically abusive relationship to make me realize I needed to create a new path. So, I hunkered down and started learning how to communicate, how to influence, how to speak up (and actually say what you want) with courage.

And my pattern of bad relationships was broken. I met my would-be husband. I got certified in neuro-linguistic programming, the B.A.N.K. methodology, and as a certified high performance coach.

Fast forward to today, I now have an amazing marriage with a man who is perfect for me. (He even cooks! Thank god.) And we have a beautiful baby boy. πŸ’

That’s why I created the #LiveMoreLoveMore Mini-Course - Because you deserve better.

It’s a 5-module deep dive into your unconscious patterns when it comes to relationships and communication. It’s for women who want to break the cycle of bad dates, bad relationships, and dating bad boys and start communicating with courage like a Queen.πŸ‘ΈπŸΎ

#LiveMoreLoveMore is an inside look at…
  • Why your beliefs that "relationships are hard" are killing your prospects
  • How you think about yourself affects who you attract 
  • What you're really doing when you're busy blaming your partner
  • Why you need to break your rules when it comes to LOVE πŸ’–
  • How to apply the Law of Requisite Variety to get the control (that admit it, you looooove)
  • The one communication technique that literally saved my client's marriage πŸ‘…
  • Why your language matters more than you think
  • What to do when your partner (or you) isn't feelin' the love
  • The simple trick to never assume anything ever again in an argument
  • What eating a sandwich πŸ₯™ has to do with giving a compliment 
  • How to use your language to produce the behavior you want (in the other person)
  • The best strategy to handle a conflict, personally or in your business.
  • The quickest way to lose momentum in your life (and how to avoid it like the plague)
  • Why you should shout your dream from the rooftops
  • How to tune in emotionally when you're holding onto a feeling for too long
  • What to do to gauge your emotional reactivity
  • Why you have to face your fears about yourself first...or else they're going to manifest in your relationships
  • What a power plant has to do with your romantic lifeπŸ”Œ
  • Why you need to be much kinder to your own unconscious mind
  • How to separate yourself from your behavior (and your partner's from his too)
  • The single most important factor in attracting the right person to you

Is #LiveMoreLoveMore Right For You?

I designed this program for independent, go-getter women who want to stand in their spotlight and FINALLY be heard. For women who want to feel understood and valued in a soul-enhancing relationship with the partner of their dreams. For women who want to fall in love again, even with your crazy workload. πŸ‘©πŸΌ‍πŸ’»

So if you are,

  • Ready to create strong, feminine boundaries
  • Committed to being independent AND have a partner who totally values you
  • Eager for the courage to put yourself back out there (and attract the RIGHT kind of person)

Then #LiveMoreLoveMore is right for you!

RACHEL N. writer

"Kimberly changed my life. I've switched careers, found love, and done things I thought were impossible - with many thanks to Kimberly Spencer."

HEATHER H. massage therapist

“I can't say enough about how Kimberly Spencer has jump-started my life. I am learning how to create what I want and how I am totally in charge of my life. She helped me realize that there is no need to sacrifice yourself to feel and be accepted and loved. You create the will to be a leader in your life by putting that crown on your head.”


SABEENA B. mortgage investment banker

“Kimberly helped me to look inwards and get over the anger, sadness, and guilt I have been feeling for the last couple of years from my divorce. I am now working towards a new and happier and rewarding life. Thank you so much for all your help!"

Just Imagine...

Just imagine finally falling in love (or back in love) with a partner who totally gets you.


  • Feeling valued and appreciated in your relationship πŸ’Œ
  • Knowing how to communicate with courage and influence, not just at work, but at home too 🏑
  • Healing completely from your past relationships and feeling vibrant and confident to put yourself out there again 
  • Understanding how to produce the behavior you want in someone else (and not in a manipulate, creeper kind of way, but with total love and respect) πŸ™ŒπŸ½
  • Being able to use your language skillfully to get what you want

Don't you deserve to live more and love more?


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