Do you…

  • Regularly give away your products or services for free?
  • Shy away from the sales part of the conversation on enrollment calls?
  • Negotiate your prices down when a prospective customer gives you an objection?
  • Allow customers to “haggle” with you on your products and services?
  • Feel like selling is salesy and sleazy, like a greasy used car salesman?
  • Low-ball your prices?
  • Fear being too “pushy” with your clients when you ask for the sale?

If so, then, giiiiiiiirrrrl, I feel ya.

That’s why you’re invited to get my #SellLikeaQueen 5-hour self-study course.

In this course, you get my step-by-step system to shift selling from being sleazy to being of massive service and value to your customer, as well as neurolinguistic programming (NLP) communication tools, and scientifically proven strategies to increase your sales up to 300%!

You are a talented, smart, visionary entrepreneur with a massive mission. You deserve to be making more money and having a bigger impact.

Let me help you skyrocket your sales.

I am Kimberly Spencer, award-winning high performance coach and L3 Master B.A.N.K. sales trainer, Amazon bestselling co-author, international speaker, real estate investor and founder of CrownYourself.com, with 10-year track record in sales and entrepreneurship.

My businesses have been featured on the CW, NPR, and in Oxygen, Girls Life, Pilates Style magazines and more. In 2016, I was named “Marketing Expert” in 2016 by FitSmallBusiness.com. I’ve worked with hundreds of men and women from some of the top voice actors in Hollywood, Youtube stars, to doctors, psychologists, real estate investors, stay at home moms and consulted for million dollar companies to take their businesses to the next level.

All while wearing a crown.

And I can tell you that in order to be the Queen of your company, you’ve got to bring in the money in order to sustain your mission.

How did I increase my sales in one year by 389% while working from home with a baby?

(And no nanny...thank ya very much.)

I shifted my mindset around what it meant to “sell,” and in return served more women and men more powerfully and helped them have more breakthroughs than ever before.

But, I wasn’t always this way...

For two years I dreaded the sales conversations in my coaching business.

I would get so wildly uncomfortable after I stated my price. When I first started coaching in 2015, I was doing weekly sessions for $100 a month. #OUCH. And when I did raise my prices, I would even negotiate or try to create something that would ”be better for the client” and ultimately feel like I’d given away a part of my soul because I wasn’t stepping into my place of worth. (Bad, bad, Kimmy.)

The funny thing is, back when I first started in sales and entrepreneurship teaching Pilates, selling was easy. And I made good money for YEARS selling Pilates packages. Why? Because the offer was a complete no-brainer. It was the obvious next step. A clients would take a lesson from me, and then, if they liked it (and they always did) I’d offer them the next step.

That’s when it hit me. DO the same damn thing in your coaching business.

But, first, I had to dive into what made selling life-transforming coaching packages different than selling packages of Pilates lessons?

Both were a valuable service.

Both massively helped the customer.

Both involved a sales conversation.

That’s when I realized, where I went wrong.

In my coaching, I had been making the sale about ME. “Holy crap!” I thought, “No wonder I was struggling!”

Because that’s the thing...

When you’re selling any form of service or product that can enhance someone else’s life. IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU. #MindBlown

It’s about what your product or what your service can do FOR YOUR CUSTOMER!

Your service is to be of service, and the ONLY way you can do that is by selling with integrity.

If you’re looking to sell high-ticket items or services, you have to be comfortable with the sales process. There will be objections. There will be fears. There will be moments of feeling totally uncomfortable.

Because here’s the thing, when you’re selling something that is in alignment with what your prospective client or customers desires to do, be, or feel…

Selling can be spiritual AF.

But you first must have the tools, processes, systems, and ability to communicate to and around the the objections...before they even come up.

That’s why I created my #SellLikeaQueen course.

Here's What You Get

Get immediate access to 5-hours of truth-delivering, thought-provoking, soul-shifting videos, journal prompts to take your breakthroughs and ah-has to the next level, MP3 audio downloads so you can listen to this course in the background of your life, and access to a $97 personality report (for FREE) to tell you your unique selling strategy.

Module 1 - Selling must Be Aligned

  • Why thinking sales is sleazy is destroying your chances of selling 📉
  • The reason congruence ☯ between YOU + YOUR BRAND is necessary
  • How to get into your Future Self State 🔮
  • What limiting beliefs you need to shift to start selling more now 🤗
  • When it's okay to take a day off from selling 💤

Module 2 - Selling is a Service

  • Who selling is really about (HINT: It's not YOU) 😉
  • How to position your product or service as the obvious next step for your prospect (because it is...duh.)
  • Why selling is sacred, spiritual 🙏🏾 and of the highest service
  • The 1️⃣ thing you must do before you ever go into a sales conversation
  • What questions to ask to get you closer to the close
  • How to flip the sales script on it's head and have more success from it 📈

MODULE 3 - Selling is Influence

  • The common misrepresentation of influence, and how it's killing your ability to sell more ☠️
  • Who the Queen 👸🏽 of sales really is and why you need Her in your sales cycle
  • How to get to know your customers better than they know themselves
  • What an iceberg ❄️ has to do with why your customer buys
  • The ONLY time you should NEVER sell to a prospect 🛑 

MODULE 4: Selling is Communication

  • How to hone your communication like a ninja
  • What the Law of Requisite Variety is and how it can skyrocket your sales  📈
  • The communication 🗣 tool that increases sales and saves marriages
  • Why you DON'T need to have a sales pitch 🤮
  • How fast it takes people to make a judgment about whether they like or trust you enough to buy from you
  • Why you need to speak your customer's language 💞
  • The only scientifically validated methodology to predict buying behavior in less than 90 seconds, and increase sales up to 300%

Module No.5 - Selling Truths + Tactics

  • Why you gotta stop selling the plane ✈️
  • How to establish the average lifetime value  of a customer 📈
  • The things you're saying to yourself that are keeping you stuck (and broke)
  • Why sales is NOT a numbers game 🔢
  • What are the 3 motivators that drive human behavior
  • How to use scarcity vs. scare tactics 👿
  • The only ⓸ objections you will ever receive

So How Does This Course Work?

As soon as you click the purchase button, you will receive receive an email AND a confirmation page, where you will be able to access your course immediately.

It’s that simple.

I wanted to make this process as easy as possible, so you can start right now.

It is my core desire to have more good-hearted, service-centered, mission-minded women making more money and impacting more lives. That’s why I am so excited to serve and support you powerfully inside this course.

 So be sure to leave your comments, breakthroughs, and ah-has in the comments. I read and respond to them all, to support you in reaching your $10K months, as you progress to Selling like a Queen.

I've got the champagne on ice for you on the other side. So the only question left is...

Do you want to make more money now or later?

#SellLikeaQueen: Self-Study Course

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