Do you

  • Fear that you’re never doing enough as a mom AND as a business owner?
  • Know there was a better way to communicate with your kids (and your customers), but you didn’t know how?
  • Want to blow your new business out of the water, but you’re scared that it’s going to cost you your relationship with your kids?
  • Struggle with your time being taken up by your kids and household stuff that your business is slow-going?
  • Want to feel heard by your kids, your husband, and by your customers, but you’re just now sure how to communicate it in a way that they get it?
  • Love marking things off your to-do list but no matter how much you do, you still feel totally overwhelmed?
  • Constantly wonder WTF this “balance” thing is and how you can get in on some of that?
Sound like you? Then, mama…

You’re invited to join my #MompreneurMindset 5-hour self-study course.

Get my step-by-step systems to master your work-life balance, even if you work from home like me with a baby, easy-to-implement strategies to help you succeed as both a parent AND a business owner, so you have more freedom to relax in your backyard, sip a glass of wine, and spend more time with your family (instead of behind a computer).

You are a talented, smart, badass mom and you deserve to have it all - the body, the business, and the babies.

Let me help you master your mom-game and business-balancing act.

I am Kimberly Spencer, award-winning high performance coach and master trainer, Amazon bestselling co-author, international speaker, real estate investor and founder of CrownYourself.com, wife and momma to my adorable toddler, Declan.

My businesses have been featured on the CW, NPR, and in Oxygen, Girls Life, Pilates Style magazines and more. In 2016, I was named “Marketing Expert” in 2016 by FitSmallBusiness.com. I’ve worked with hundreds of men and women from some of the top voice actors in Hollywood, Youtube stars, to doctors, psychologists, real estate investors, stay at home moms and consulted for million dollar companies to take their businesses to the next level.

All while wearing a crown. 😉 

And I can tell you that in order to be the Queen of your company...and Queen of your family, mastering your mindset is the key to being able to have it all.

How did I increase my income in one year by 389% while working from home with a baby?

(With no nanny...thank ya very much.) 

I mastered my mindset around time, got laser focused on the big picture for all my relationships, allowed my child to be the mirror to my own transformation, and radically shifted my communication style - with my husband, with my son, with my clients, and with my customers.

I wasn’t always this way though...

For two years in my business I was stuck in what I call “Productive Procrastination.” (You’ll learn what that is in the course.)

I was always super busy and overwhelmed. When I wasn’t teaching Pilates at my studio or in my side hustle, I was  always working behind a computer even into the night when my hubby wanted to veg out on a Netflix show. There I would be, working away behind my computer screen.

The sucky thing was, my business was making nada...like zero...for those two years. #ouch

But then a little line on a stick turned blue, and I knew this momma-to-be needed to get her shit together in order to show her son what a strong, bold, woman can do when she makes up her mind.  

BTW, mama, resolve is your superpower. (I’ll show you how to tap into that inside this course.)

I got super clear on what I wanted and how I wanted to show up, both as a mother and as a business owner. I overcame my Type-A, perfectionist tendencies. And I discovered how to heal from a past story that was holding me back and got the knowledge, tools, and resources I needed to move forward...fast.

Fast forward, 9 months later, and I gave birth to my son Declan AND made more money that year in my businesses than I had ever had before as an entrepreneur. And it’s only been up from there for the past 2 years!



Here's What You Get

Get 5-hours of in-depth videos, journal prompts to take your breakthroughs and ah-has to the next level, and MP3 audio downloads so you can listen to this course in the background of your life when you’re on the go (like you always are, mama!)

Module 1 - Mastering Your Momindset

In this module, you'll learn:

  • The Universal truth of overwhelm 🎆
  • How to get more creative with the time 🕒 you DO have
  • The one belief that will destroy your progress 💥
  • What "Productive Procrastination" is, and how it's hurting your profits
  • Which past story 📖 is holding you back from your future goals

Module 2 - The Parent-Child Business Relationship

In this module, you'll learn:

  • Why your child is your best teacher 👩🏼‍🏫
  • The song from the musical, South Pacific 🏝 that is needed for parenting
  • What "conditional parenting" is and why it's hurting your child
  • How the Upside Down from Stranger Things  applies to parenting
  • Why you should expect nothing
  • The hardest letter 💌 you're ever going to write
  • What faking it is really doing for your business and for your children
  • Why parenting is a mirror for your business 🔮

Module 3 - Growing Your Growth Mindset

In this module, you'll learn:

  • The ONE thing you have to accept in order to grow
  • What you should NOT praise your kids or yourself for
  • 13 Phrases that are keeping your business STUCK 😲
  • Why boredom should be celebrated
  • How achieving your goals isn't the route to more satisfaction

Module 4 - Watch Yo’ Language

In this module, you'll learn:

  • What the Law of Requisite Variety has to do with your parenting style and your profits 💰
  • Why your kid never listens when you tell him NOT to do something
  • The communication secret that saved my client's marriage
  • How to use a sandwich 🥙 when you are in an argument
  • What Freud and Sondheim 🎵 have in common with communication
  • Why finite language is killing the bond of trust ☠️
  • How to use less words and gain more trust
  • Which questions to ask to get the results you desire
  • The linguistic frame you're using wrong...ALL.THE. TIME.

Module 5 - Labor Pains + Push Up Bras for Perfectionists

 In this module, you'll learn:

  • Why you need the perfect push-up bra 👙
  • The jerk who is setting unreasonable standards for you
  • What labor has to do with creating your dream
  • How to crown your contractions 🤰🏻
  • The magical world where your idea will be perfect 🦄 and how to bring it into this world 🌍
  • What to do to release the outcome
  • Why labor is just as necessary for your business as it was to get your baby out

So How Does This Course Work?

As soon as you click the purchase button, you will receive receive an email AND a confirmation page, where you will be able to access your course immediately.

You can get started right away!

As a fellow mom, I know how busy you are. That’s why I wanted to make this process as easy as possible, so you can start right now, get the tools, and get to action...FAST.

Because yes, you can have it all. You can have the body. You can have the babies. You can have the business. And you can have the thriving relationship with your spouse too.

You already are a superhero in my book. Let’s get you superstar results!

It’s time to tell a new story, mama, so you can serve your children and your customers even more as you make more money and impact more lives. That’s why I am so excited to serve and support you powerfully inside this course.

Leave your comments, breakthroughs, and ah-has in the comments of the course. I read and respond to them all. And I am so excited to support you in taking your mompreneur mindset to the next level. 

I've got the champagne on ice for you on the other side. So the only question left is...

Do you want have it all now or later? 

#MompreneurMindset: Self-Study Course

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