Just suppose you tripled your productivity, hit your first $10K month, and had the freedom to travel the world with your family, without feeling overwhelmed?

Introducing the solution for your sanity…

Because staying up till 11PM, pounding away at a seemingly never-ending to-do list, you know, deep down that there’s got to be a better way. It seems like you’re working ALL. THE. TIME. But your finances still haven’t budged, and it feels like you’re in the same spot that you were last year, only a little more frustrated, and a lot more tired.

You’re torn between wanting to believe you’re worth more and feeling like an imposter the whole time. You want to use your business as a powerful driver for world change. But, you feel like you lack the influence and the network to be able to get what you want. You have high expectations for yourself and you fear that you’ll never be able to reach them.

So you’re stuck between fear and a hard place. You’re scared to take action. Scared of being judged. Scared that...what if it’s not perfect?


Hi, I’m Kimberly Spencer, certified high performance coach, founder of Crown Yourself, and I believe in you...and in your business.

I was scared to jump back into the online business world after my last virtual venture as an executive of a startup ended 3 weeks before I got married.

That was the hardest summer of my life - planning my wedding while dealing with lawyers for 3 months negotiating a buyout. For two years after that, I hid in the corner of comfort, teaching Pilates as my “side-business” while kind-of playing "virtual business owner,” doing coaching on the side.

But, then, my world changed.

A little line on a little stick turned blue and my world turned upside down.

I knew I couldn’t play small anymore. I got certified in NLP, Time Line Therapy®, hypnosis, B.A.N.K., and became a certified high-performance coach. I invested thousands of dollars to work with some of the best coaches in the world to help me transition into my next level, from entrepreneur to mompreneur.  

And what happened?

Not only did give birth to my son, but also, in the SAME YEAR I had my best year ever as an entrepreneur. Better yet, my clients also started achieving MAJOR results: tripling their productivity, hitting $10K months in their businesses, overcoming eating disorders, changing jobs (and getting paid more), and having the courage to speak up for what they wanted in their relationships.

That’s why I created #MindYourBusiness

It’s a 3.5-module self-study course to help you triple your productivity, make more money, and master negotiation skills so you feel confident in your communication (and in yourself). This is for solopreneurs wanting to take the first step into the C-Suite. This is for go-getters who are tired of taking clients and jobs for less money than they’re worth. This is for entrepreneurs who are trying to figure out what their next move is...and then catapult their productivity when they have the clarity.

In #MindYourBusiness, you’ll learn...
  • Why you’ve got to get comfortable being uncomfortable
  • What is Productive Procrastination
  • The difference between brutal reality and intended reality
  • How you and Oprah are more alike than you realize
  • Why excuses are expensive
  • The secret to why the Law of Attraction might not be working for you
  • How you need to ask for more
  • What being a little b*$%^ has to do with your business
  • The only place you’ll be able to “find” success
  • Why the other person is never “wrong” in a negotiation
  • What you can model from Benjamin Disraeli to get you better deals
  • How a “Hmmm” could earn you $10,000

Is #MindYourBusiness Right for you?

I designed this program for entrepreneurs who want the freedom to create your own schedule and spend more time with your loved ones and less time struggling to keep up with your To-Do list.

So if you...

  • Are lacking the confidence to put yourself out there as a business owner
  • Feel like you haven’t been able to relax because you’re so focused on work all the time
  • Want what’s next, but you’re not quite sure what that is
  • Don’t want to fake it till you make it (because you already feel like a fraud)
  • Lack the confidence to close a deal or to make the sale

Then #MindYourBusiness is right for you.

Vondell R., coach + artist

"I'm FREE! And, I had my first $10,000 month after working with Kimberly! I recommend everyone dealing with limits in their life or career to work with her. I would like to say THANK YOU to Kimberly for helping me break through my limiting beliefs around my income and value as an artist. Prior to working with Kimberly, I would get stopped in my footsteps around what my fees should be. I felt overall like a fraud as I'd totally bought into the "starving artist" myth. I used to be ashamed of my arts degree as I felt a sense of judgment from others and myself. After our session on shedding limiting beliefs, I was shocked at how much mental clarity I had & how unstoppable I became. Thanks!"

Heather H. massage therapist

"I can't say enough about how Kimberly Spencer has jumpstarted my life. I am learning how to create what I want and how I am totally in charge of my life. Kimberly helped me realize that there is no need to sacrifice yourself to feel and be accepted and loved. You create the will to be a leader in your life by putting that crown on your head."

Jason M., VP of hr

"I recently had an amazing coaching session with Kim. And, if you're looking for an immediate change in your life, if you're looking for someone to elevate all areas, really give you a kick in the butt, but also give you the tools, and the habits and the formula for success, then you need a partner and you need to coach with Kim. Thank you so much and sign up today!"

How does your business support your dream?

Here’s the thing. You love what you do, and when you’re committed, you’re all in, You love watching your clients succeed.

You’re ready for the next level, but there’s still some fear that’s holding you back.

In #MindYourBusiness, you’ll learn proven communication and negotiation tools to make you feel confident in any sale. You’ll gain the belief in yourself to start charging what you’re worth. You’ll look that fear of failure right in the eye and free yourself.

This is your time to go for it. And you don’t have to do it alone.

Let’s do it, together.

The only question is, how badly do you want it?

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